"Christmas Wrapping Paper" Contest

Draw a picture or write your story about a Christmas without waste.


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Trailer Christmas Wrapping Paper Contest

CRIAS - 26 Species of Animals / 26 Episodes

VIDEOLOTION and PRAÇA FILMES, in co-production with the French producer JPL FILMS, will launch the children’s series CRIAS on 2 December on RTP2.


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"4 States of Matter" in Two International Festivals

“4 Estados da Matéria”- selected to com compete in two international festivals.


12º FICBUEU – Espanha
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MIAF 2019 –  Australia
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"CUBS" at Annecy

CUBS is an animated series by 26 directors, Portuguese and French, which was selected for the Annecy International Animation Film
Festival with the episode "Crocodiles", directed by Camille Authouart and Mélia Gilson. We are so glad that our pet has been featured among 3090 short films from 93 countries! In this adventure, we have Videolotion and JPL Fimes with us.

Estilhaços Awarded at Shortcutz

“Fragments” was awarded at 2nd Shortcutz Figueiró dos Vinhos: Best Animation and BestEdition.

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"Christmas Wrapping Paper" at Animatographo

CHRISTMAS WRAPPING PAPER was seletected to a special selection at Animatographo – cinema infanto-juvenil from Casa dos Crivos, in Braga, which will happen on 18th of December, Tuesday, at 10:30


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"4 States of Matter" Awarded at Cinanima 2018

“4 Estados da Matéria” was awarded at Cinanima Festival 2018 – António Gaio Prize.


4 States of Matter at Cinanima 2018

4 States of Matter is in the selected films of the International Competition of Cinanima festival 2018.


4 States of Matter at Animation National Prize 2018

4 Estados da Matéria na short list do PRÉMIO NACIONAL DA ANIMAÇÃO 2018.

"Fragments" Finalist - Bang Awards

“Fragments” is finalist at BANG Awards – International Festival of Animation Cinema 2018 in two categories:
– Prémio Principal
– Melhor Argumento. 

"Fragments" Awrded at Fastnet Film Festival 2018

Estilhaços won  the Best Animation award at Fastnet Film Festival 2018.

"4 States of Matter" at Anima Mundi 2018

“4 States of Matter” will be present at Anima Mundi 2018 on “Galery” competition (experimental films).


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"Fragments" and "Place In Nowhere" at Clermont-Ferrand

“Fragmentes” and “Place In Nowhere”  will be present at Clermont-Ferrand in an event organized by Association “Les Œillets de la Liberté – Os Cravos da Liberdade” (Association “The Carnations of Liberty”).

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"Fragments" at VII Festival Primavera do Cine

“Fragments” will be present at the Animation Oficial Exhibition of VII Festival Primavera do Cine, in Vigo.

"Fragments" at Human Rights Film Festival 2018

“Fragments” was selected to the official competition of Human Rights Film Festival 2018.



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"4 States of Matter" - Premiere at Monstra Festival 2018

The premiere “4 States of Matter” on March 8th at the Monstra Festival 2018.
An abstract animated film, directed by Miguel Pires de Matos with music by Carlos Caires.


Fragments at Shortcutz Ovar 2017

“Fragments” was awarded with the Honorable Mention on animation category at Shortcutz Ovar.


Trailer “Fragments”



"Fragments" and "Place Nowhere" in the City of Cairo

“Fragments” and “Place Nowhere”  were selected for international competition at the International Animation Forum.

Trailer “Estilhaços”
Trailer “Lugar Em Parte Nenhuma”
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"The Eyes of the Lighthouse" at Shortcutz Lisbon

Next week Shortcutz Lisbon will do the 300 session. We are proud to have “The Eyes of the Lighthouse” by Pedro Serrazina presented with live music in this session.

Check your schedules!



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Happy Holidays!!!

Praça Filmes wish Happy Holidays… WITH NO WASTE! 🙂



The Competitive Oficial Selection of #shortcutzovar 1st Season ends with the exhibition of "Fragments"

The premiere of “Fragments” at Shortcutz (session#10) will have the presence of the director José Miguel Ribeiro, Thursday, December 28th, 22:00, Júlio Dinis Museum, with free entrance.

"Christmas Wrapping Paper" at Shortcutzovar

This Christmas #shortcutzovar will organize two sloidarity sessions for families with free entrance.
There will be our “Christmas Wrapping Paper” 🙂
They invite spectators to take wear material (papers, cardboard, pencils, crayons, markers, watercolors, brushes, clay, etc.) Which will be used by the 136 children (from 3 to 10) who attend Kindergarten, pre-school and CATL of SOCIAL PROMOTION CENTER OF FURADOURO.


The two sessions will take place on December 28th at 2:30 and 3:30 p.m. at the Júlio Dinis Museum.

"Fragments" at Porto/Post/Doc 2017

Estilhaços will be part of Porto/Post/Doc 2017 program.
Archive and Post-Memory / Spoken Cinema.
02 10 2017 · TM Rivoli, Isabel Alves Costa Auditorium · 9:00


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"Fragments" at Cineteca de Madrid

“Fragments” is in the program of Cineteca de Madrid e will be displayed in 22th november.


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"Fragments" and "A Place In Nowhere" awarded at FIKE 2017

 “Fragments” and “A Place In Nowhere” were awarded at FIKE Festival 2017

“Fragments” – Honorable Mention to Best Script
“Lugar em Parte Nenhuma” – Honorable Mention to Best Animation

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"A Place In Nowhere" at LIAF 2017

“A Place In Nowhere” will be on competition at London International Animation Festival (LIAF 2017), the gratest Animation Festival of United Kingdom.


Festival info

Fragments at 10th Animasivo Festival

“Fragments” was selected to the oficial competition of the 10th edition of Animasivo Festival of Contemporary Animation.
The festival will take place from 29th November to 3th December in Mexico City.

"Fragments" at BilbaoArte

Estilhaços will be at the program of FUNDACIÓN BILBAO ARTE FUNDAZION from 6th to 8th November.


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"Estilhaços at Animatic"

“Fragments”, will be displayed at ANIMATIC, Animation Show in Pamplona (Navarra), on November 17.

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"A Place In Nowhere" travels to Pernambuco

The short film of Barbara Oliveira and João Rodrigues was selected by the curators to make part of the ANIMAGE Competitive Exhibition – 8th, at Animation Internacional Festival of Pernambuco!


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"A Place In Nowhere" at KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival 2017

“A Place In Nowhere” was selected to compete at KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival 2017 in Best Animated Documentary category.


Festival info

"Fragments" 23th Iberic Cinema Festival of Badajoz

Fragments received the CEXECI award of the young juri at 23th Iberic Cinema Festival of Badajoz.

Link ICA
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A Place in Nowhere at Anima Mundi Festival 2017

A PLACE IN NOWHERE, was selected to participate in the program PANORAMA / PANORAMA of the 25th Internacional Animation Festival of Brasil, ANIMA MUNDI 2017. The festival will happen in Rio de Janeiro, from 18 to 23 de july. And, from 26 to 30 de july in São Paulo.


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"Fragments" at Jeonju International Film Festival 2017

“Fragments” will integrate the session “Expanded Cinema for Shorts” at jeonju International Film Festival in South Korea, one of the most famous cinema festivals in Asia.


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"Fragments" awarded at Prémios Sophia 2017

“Estilhaços” won the category of Best Animation Short Film, at Sophia Awards 2017.


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"A Place in Nowhere" awarded at Monstra Festival 2017

“A Place In Nowhere” won the prize for best portuguese film of International Short Film competition – Students Category,  in the juri and public evaluation.


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"Fragments" at 57th Cine Internacional Festival of Cartagena de Indias

“Fragments” from José Miguel Ribeiro integrate the short films competition of the 57th Cine Internacional Festival of Cartagena de Indias happening in Colômbia.



"Fragments" Awarded at Clermon Ferrand

“Fragments” was awarded at Clermont-Ferrand Festival with the prize for best documentary film.


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Fragments: Clermont Ferrand Jury statement

“It is a film that touches us deeply given the strength of the subject matter and the artistry with which the filmmaker has managed to give form to a very complex story that deals with questions such as transmission, the burden of silence, guilt, war and national pride.”
Clermont Ferrand Jury statement


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"A Place in Nowhere" at Monstra Festival 2017

“A Place in Nowhere” was selected for the international students competition of Monstra Festival 2017.

"Estilhaços" Festival Anima Brussels

“FRAGMENTS”, this time in the short film international competition of Anima Brussels Festival.
This event takes place between February 24th and March 5th.


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"Estilhaços" in Clermont

“Fragments” will be on international competition in 39th Festival du court métrage de Clermont-Ferrand.


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Spot DVD "Christmas Wrapping Paper"

This Christmas will be different.
All together we can stop the Waste Monster…
Link: Sopt DVD “Christmas Wrapping Paper”

"Fragments" Awarded at Caminhos Film Festival

Fragments won the prize “Best Animation – Recheio” at 22th edition of Caminhos Film Festival that happened between 19th and 26th november, 2016.



Christmas Wrapping Paper DVD Presentation at 5 FNAC Stores

Next presentations of the new dvd containing the movie “Christmas Wrapping Paper” and 11 animated films for children from 9 episodes of the serie – “As Coisas Lá de Casa”, directed by José Miguel Ribeiro.
We wait for you!

FNAC Chiado | Lisbon – 28th November / 18H30
FNAC St. Catarina | Porto – 03th December / 16H00
FNAC Marshoping | Porto – 04th December de 2016 / 11H00
FNAC Cascais – 11th December / 11H00
FNAC Oeiras – 11th de December / 15H00

Com a presença do realizador José Miguel Ribeiro.


Praça Filmes awarded at Cinanima

The following projects produced by Praça Filmes were distinguished at the Cinanima Festival:

Fragments – António Gaio Award and Jury’s Special Award.
A Place In Nowhere – Special Mention – Young Portuguese Director Award: over 18.

Trailer Fragments
Trailer A Place In Nowhere
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"Estilhaços" at "Best of Locarno Shorts" Program

“FRAGMENTS” will be part of the special program – BEST OF LOCARNO SHORTS, and will be displayed in Montreal in 6th December.


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"Estilhaços" at Animateka 2016"

“FRAGMENTS” will be on exibition at Animateka festival in “Best of the World”, non-competitive program.



"Estilhaços" awarded at Portuguese National Animation Award 2016

“ESTILHAÇOS” won the Portuguese National Animation Award 2016 on professional films category.

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"Christmas Wrapping Paper" Exhibition in Montemor-o-Novo

From 24th de October to 11th November at Youth Center of Montemor-o-Novo.

"Estilhaços" at Portuguese National Animation Award 2016

“ESTILHAÇOS” was selected to participate in Portuguese National Animation Award 2016 – Professional Category.

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"A Place in Nowhere" at CINANIMA 2016

The short film “A Place in Nowhere” was selected to participate in the “Young Portuguese Director Award (over 18))” Animation Festival CINANIMA 2016.

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"Estilhaços" at CINANIMA 2016

“ESTILHAÇOS” was selected to participate in National and International Competition at Animation Festival CINANIMA 2016.


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"Estilhaços" at Anima Mundi 2016

“FRAGMENTS” was selected for the SHORT FILM/SHORT FILM category in the 24th International Animation Festival of Brazil – ANIMA MUNDI 2016, which will take place in Rio de Janeiro from 25 to 30 October, and in São Paulo from 2 to 6 November.


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"Estilhaços" at Monstra Festival 2016

“Estilhaços”, the last creation of Director José Miguel Ribeiro was selected for the portuguese competition of  Monstra Festival 2016. In the end it was considered the best Portuguese short film, also won the prize awarded by the audience and was distinguished with an honorable mention by the jury of the national competition.


Monstra 2016 winners

"Estilhaços" at 69º Festival Del Film Locarno

“Estilhaços”, the last creation of Director José Miguel Ribeiro was selected for the international short film competition 2016 at Festival Del Film Locarno.

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Press references:
Público – Cultura Ípsilon
DN Artes

"Nayola" on Cartoon Movie 2016

Christmas Wrapping Paper awarded at FlumenFest

Christmas Wrapping Paper won the 2015 Junior Flumen award.


Christmas Wrapping Paper ebook version, from March 21 ­ World Forest Day

On March 21, World Forest Day, the e­book Christmas Wrapping Paper will be available in IOS and android versions.

"20 DRAWINGS AND A HUG" in Monstra Festival and Sophia Awards 2015

20 Drawings and a Hug was selected for the Portuguese Competition SPAutores Vasco Granja Award, Monstra Festival 2015 and Sophia Awards 2015 for Best Animated Short Film.

Exhibition "Papel de Natal" travels to Vila do Conde

In Solar – Galeria de Arte Cinemática, from 20 February to 5 June 2016

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